At Axosoft, we develop software that is used by the world’s most elite software engineers. Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and thousands of other leading companies use GitKraken Git GUI, Boards, Timelines, and Axosoft. We are looking for top talent to help us make Axosoft an even better company.

Being a part of Axosoft takes a lot of dedication, hard work, collaboration, a handful of healthy debates and the ability to overcome adversity. You will be challenged by your colleagues. You will challenge yourself. You will have a rewarding work/life balance. And you will be the best version of you that has ever been.

  • Professional Growth: Ongoing education, training and conferences

  • Gaming Area: Play in the office with your colleagues

  • Office Gym: More than 10 weekly, instructor-lead classes

  • Health & Dental Insurance: Plus other benefits and retirement plan

  • Free Food & Drinks: Catered lunches and snacks

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: High-quality computers, and software