At Axosoft, we develop software that is used by the world’s most elite software engineers. Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and thousands of other leading companies use the products that we create. We are looking for top talent to help us make Axosoft an even better company.

Being a part of Axosoft takes a lot of dedication, hard work, collaboration, a handful of healthy debates and the ability to overcome adversity. You will be challenged by your colleagues. You will challenge yourself. You will have a rewarding work/life balance. And you will be the best version of you that has ever been.

In this particular position work and experience with these software and technologies is a huge plus:

  • AWS Expertise is a MUST: Experience working with AWS, understanding of AWS platform, service offerings and billing is a requirement for this position. Experience with most of these AWS technologies is expected:
    • Cloud Formation Templates
    • VPCs and Subnets
    • ECS
    • S3
    • Route53
    • CloudWatch
    • CloudFront
    • RDS
    • EC2
    • ELB/ALB
  • Network Design and Architecture: Worked on the high level design and architectures of networks, servers, infrastructure and other systems for SaaS.
  • Core Network Administration: A great understanding of networking and network administration, including knowledge of switches, routers, firewalls and other networking equipment.
  • Databases: Experience with setup and administration of MongoDB & SQL Server databases
  • DevOps Tools: Experience with devops tools such as Git, GitHub, CircleCI, Travis, Appveyor or Jenkins a huge plus
  • OS: Experience and networking with the big 3 OSes is a must: Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Virtual Machines and Containers: An excellent understanding and hands on experience with VMs and Docker a huge plus

Pay Information

  • Axosoft strives to be in the top 10% of Arizona-based companies for compensation
  • Compensation includes salary, health insurance, stock options and many other company benefits
  • Annual reviews provide for merit increases and cash bonuses

Relocation Bonus

  • If you are outside of the Phoenix metro area, Axosoft will pay for relocation expenses to move to Arizona.